Monday, March 18, 2019

~Gentle Boldness~

Sipping my tea here have you been? It's been a while since we have been here together. I had no intentions of being away for so long. Please forgive me. I have missed our time here!

I  have been having some wonderful Inspirational times with Father. I have learned something in the past couple of months...I have learned that I need to be still more. I had been doing so for a long time and then some "life" interrupted. Oh, I continued with my Inspirational times but they were more of me talking to Father, reading scriptures, and devotionals...but not being still and listening...not making that time.

The other day I made that time...and oh I am so glad I did...and will continue! I was home alone so I thought I would have my Inspirational time and listen to some praise/worship music on YouTube. I spent time in our Inspirational time (Father and I) then flipped YouTube on. That's not what was needed. Off went the music. The "noise". I needed to spend more time with Father...still and quiet time. I am so thankful for that time.

This is what Father impressed upon my heart....the words Gentle Boldness. I am that personality that has a difficult time speaking properly. Oh, writing is totally different. Writing is my oxygen! Writing is my way of expression! When I speak, my brain jumbles and words don't come out as I hope or they are not a tone I like. So, Gentle Boldness!

Let me explain...I was led to many scripture passages on being gentle. I have this neat application in my phone for note I posted the verses in that application under, "Gentle Living". Gentle Boldness is a lifestyle. 

In Philippians 4:5 (CSV) we read, "Let your graciousness be known to everyone. The Lord is near." How do we live being gracious? True graciousness demands that you have time for others. So listen. Be attentive to what others say. Respond without interruption. Can you imagine Jesus and a fisherman talking. The fisherman begins to tell Jesus about his huge catch of that day and Jesus interrupts and says, "Huge catch you say, let ME tell you about how I made the net break the catch was so huge!" Imagine the man sighing and knowing that he was not important enough to be heard. Jesus always made the time to truly listen. A gracious person does not dwell on themselves. A gracious person gives...time and ears.

Another verse is in Proverbs 16:24 (CSV), "Pleasant words are a honeycomb; sweet to the taste and health to the body." How do your words "taste"? Trust me, I know it isn't always easy to use "sweet" tones and "sweet" words. I believe it is even more difficult to use such language in the home because, well, "they know me at home and I can be myself". Who is the self you really want to be? Do you really want to have "tones" and "bitter words"? I don't. So, how do we go about speaking more gently, a bit sweeter? Well, a study on the life of Jesus in the gospels and how He treated people would be one way to learn. After all He is the Master. He is the true Life model. I also suggest talking to the Holy Spirit about having the right words, the right tones, the right attitude in dealing with all people. Trust me again on this as I know all too well how some people can simply get under your skin and it can be hard to keep gentle words and tones. But you  know what? You can do ALL things through Jesus who gives you strength. Talk to the Holy Spirit as you have your time reading the bible and praying. Ask Him for guidance and gentleness. Pray that if you need to speak boldly, your gentleness will be evident and the boldness well received. There have been times when I have been talking with someone and prior to each bit I say, I breathe a prayer on how to word things so that it is taken well. There may be some long pauses in your conversation if you are dealing with a situation that takes Jesus Boldness because you are taking the time to sort what you hear and you take the time to mentally pray for your words and tone.

In Ephesians 4:1b to 2 (CSV) Paul writes, "(I) urge you to live worthy of the calling you have received, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love." Humility is not letting people walk all over you. A humble Jesus follower is confident in who he/she is in Jesus; knowing where true strength lies...seeing the value of each person.

I didn't share all of the verses I logged in my application. I didn't want to overwhelm you. My hope is that I have inspired you to be a Gentle Bold person for Jesus. I hope that you seek out some scripture on gentleness and talk with one of the Three: Father, Jesus, or Holy Spirit about what you learn and read. Wait quietly. What needs to be changed in your mind, heart, and soul to be a truly gentle Jesus follower? Remember, gentleness is not acting as some sort of wimp. Gentleness has been defined as restraint coupled with strength and courage. I like that! We are strong (bold) because of Jesus and we are courageous because of Him and also because of Him, we can restrain ourselves.

My friend, as a Jesus follower, practice Gentle Boldness. Practice graciousness. Practice humility. Study the life of Jesus. Live as He modeled.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

~Make The Appointment~

I sit here sipping my tea with has been a while since we were together last...glancing out the windows I see a beautiful act of Father's creation...snow....all sorts of snowflakes coming's a cozy feeling...

So much has happened since I last sipped tea here with you...I didn't mean to neglect you...I just got carried away in a variety of this and that's and I was also sorting things in my head...

I want to inspire you to set aside alone time with our Father. That is so important! Today I simply want to talk with you about time alone with Him.

I believe I have told you that every morning I collect up my things for my Inspirational time and make sure I have a cup of tea beside me. I have a place in my home that is set up for my Inspirational time. I have a comfy chair and a stand for holding my belongings in a quiet area of our home. I have sort of a mess of things that I deal with rather sloppily laid across my lap. I have my cell phone for the bible applications and highlighting (saving bible verses), I have a devotional book, I have my bible, and I have my journal.

I realize we all have our own ways of having time with Father and whatever works for you, do it!!! What I do goes with  my scattered mind...the flitty mind. First I set quietly with Father asking Him to show me what I need to learn form Him today. Secondly I read from the devotional book and go over any scripture there. I may pause to talk with Father during this time. I note the verses that "hit" me and save them in the phone and I turn to my bible with the paper pages, read the verse and mark up the page with thoughts that "hit" me, underline words, and write the date by it. After the devotional book, I pick up my cell phone to go to the bible application. I pretty much do the same thing with that as I do the book. As I go along through each of these devotionals, I will take a pause and write in my journal whatever comes to mind. When I am done with the devotionals, I sit quietly with Father asking Him to tell me what He wants me to remember from our time together. I stay quiet for a while. I talk to Him on and off. I listen. For some, sitting still and being quiet is difficult. Learn to do it! Discipline yourself! Sitting still with Father before and after our reading and learning time together is a MUST for me. In quietness I tune in to Him. I may or may not hear from Him but I am tuning in to our time together. Focus. When we conclude our "chair time", I praise Him and thank Him for all He has done and is doing for me or for others (I name them to Him in thankfulness). I talk with Him as a daughter would talk to her loving Father because HE is the perfect Father...the One Who has I am ready to get out of my chair, I finish up my journal by writing what I call Inspirational words for the day...something like....Trust! Hope! Life! Truth!

We can't all make the time in the morning to sit alone at length with Father. What I propose to you is this...each day set a specific time that is for you and Father alone. It is your "appointment" and appointments need to be kept. Start with the length of time that you know you will be able to give Father. Maybe you will find that is the only amount of time you can give or maybe you will discover that you can add more time to your appointment. Do what works!

When I think of what Father has done for me...created me for one...sent His only Son as a sacrifice for my sins...helped me through many health issues...and so much can I NOT want to give of my time to be with Him? How could I go about my day giving time to family, work, church, social events, even cleaning...and  more....and let Him slip off to the side. How SELF-ish!

Father has given everything of Himself to me! Can I really and truly be so selfish as to maybe give Him a quick "hello" in the  morning or a "hit the pillow prayer"? Father is relational! He wants to be in your life! Give Him time!

As we go about our day, we can always carry on a conversation with Father. Just talk with Him as you would a good friend. I believe I have said earlier in my times here with you that I talk with all Three...Father my creator, Jesus my friend who teaches,is Truth, and is along side me as I go through life's issues, and the Holy Spirit who guides and comforts and fills me with Peace and Joy when I ask. All Three are worthy of our praise and thankfulness. They are always there and so easy to talk with. 

I hope that you are excited to have your time with Father (well really all Three). I hope that you understand the importance it is to your spiritual well-being. Believe me, your soul will sing! I hope that you will be giving of your much as you can give Father. He loves you! He wants to sit quietly with you, teach you, listen to you, and comfort you! 

Make the appointment...Keep it! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

~AWEsome Day~

Sipping tea here with you on this sunny New Year's Day...I want to share with you something that I am not sure will ever occur again...and something I will remember for my lifetime...

I am dealing with getting some testing done for some spots on my lungs...2 spots...I have never smoked in my life so that came as a surprise to me. When I first learned of the spots, I honestly felt like I was going to pass out...shock I guess.

Anyhow, time went on for a few more days. I kept praying my prayers that the spots would not be cancer. I am just feeling like a "normal" person from having had breast cancer and chemo (finished March 2016). 

I was prayed over in our church on a Sunday. The following Saturday, I was doing laundry, changing loads from the dryer to a basket and the washer to the dryer as my mind suddenly felt fearful of the possibility of those spots being cancerous. I said to God and to myself, "I can't let those demons of fear and doubt grab hold of me!" Right then and there I prayed to Jesus to get rid of those two! I felt the release. Then as I stood there talking to Jesus, I felt this sense of being prayed for. "I don't know who is praying for me or if just one person is praying for me," I told Jesus,"but thank You for putting me on someone's heart and mind to pray for." Then I began to pray for God's Crazy Peace...that peace that you cannot understand until you experience it...that peace that Paul talks about in Philippians 4:7 "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." I immediately felt that peace in my heart, soul, and mind. I thanked Jesus for it. I stood with my hands lifted in praise to Jesus thanking Him for His peace...for a while...right there in my laundry room with a basket of clean clothes on the floor at my feet and the dryer spinning.

Something AWEsome occurred...I felt angels. I felt the "hush" of their wings. I picked up the laundry basket to take for folding. I could almost see the angels...well...I could see or sense four or five of them. They hovered over and around me. I heard their wings touching each other...they were that close to each other to surround me. Even as I write this to you I get the shivers that I felt at first when they were so near to me.

These angels were angels of peace. I could feel their peace! I heard it in their wings! I  have never experienced anything like this before. All day long they were with me...hovering over and surrounding me. 

God had not only given me His Crazy Peace inside my own soul, heart, and mind, but He sent His angels of peace to comfort surround me. During the entire day I never once even thought of the issues in my lungs. I went about the day feeling the presence of the awesome peace angels. I felt this amazing serenity. I would thank Jesus for them being with me...for Him sending them to attend me on this day...on and off I thanked Him during the day.

I knew they were with me all day...I felt...faintly saw...and heard their brushing wings at times. It was so AWEsome! 

As evening came, I felt them leaving. I smiled inside my soul. I knew they had come for me to do what they as that type of angel were to do...hush all around me...hushing my mind and soul...that feeling of them hovering and surrounding me is one I will always was so comforting.

That night as my head was on my pillow, I thanked Jesus for sending them to me...I lifted my hands in praise to Him (my husband had his back to me but he would have been fine with my arms sticking up in the air). Tears rolled down my cheeks as I thanked Jesus not only for His Crazy Peace...but for His compassion for me in sending those peace angels.

When I sit alone in silence,remembering, I can still faintly see them and faintly hear the brush of their wings. It truly was an AWEsome experience! 

I am so thankful for my Best Friend and how He takes care of my needs. I debated on sharing this with you but then I thought...why not? It may bring encouragement to someone. I hope it does! 

My faith, trust, and hope is in Jesus. I hope yours is also!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

~Too Long Gone~

Wow! I recently realized how long it has been since I have sipped tea here with you! I have been learning a lot, growing, and resting in Father God. I will be back and sharing here soon. I have missed writing! and I have missed you!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

~New Christmas; New Body~

Sipping tea as I look out the window and see the scattered snow flakes falling...the sky is gray...wanting to share with you for a few minutes...

It's the Christmas season...a mixed emotion time for many. Of course we know the "reason for the season"....Jesus Christ our Lord, Immanuel , "God with us" celebrated as having been sent to mankind through the Holy Spirit by way of the virgin Mary. 

There is much reason to be grateful this time of year and as I said, it is also a time of a variety of emotions. I will be honest here with you, as always. Christmas is a mixed emotional time for me. In the month of December, God received two very important ladies in my life. On December 1, 1974, my mom was escorted to heaven by her angel and December 10, 2011 my sister was given her new and healthy body.

For me, this season is a time of joy and sorrow. I remember Christmas songs playing in the background as Mom made and decorated Christmas cookies. I remember entering my sister's house daily for four days as God was preparing her for her new body. I remember music in the background of her home each day. Her home had more of a presence of angels every time I entered. 

As my sister was telling us (my other sister and me) that she wanted her new body, the two of us would each take turns hugging her and telling her things in her ears. Sometimes I would sing to her. One time I told her how lucky she was that she would be celebrating Christmas in heaven with our parents (Dad passed September 28, 1998). She would grin as she knew she would be with them.

A new body. My sister was given a new body. Jesus came to earth as an infant and had a human body. God with us was human. His new body was not perfect. Jesus allowed Himself to leave his glorious heavenly home filled with angels singing, prophets swapping stories, the "cloud of witnesses" mentioned in Hebrews all praising Jesus and worshiping Him...and so  many more gathered to sing and tell of His praises. He left all of that to take on a body that could and would be beaten...a body that would be bruised and have nails pierce it. 

I have no doubt that the angels surrounded Him when He arrived in that cave/stall. The angels told the shepherds of His entire host of them (an army of angels). Can you  imagine that night as you care for your sheep...suddenly the skies are lit up with an army of angels. Imagine the brightness! Imagine the singing! Imagine the angel announcing to them about the birth of "God with us"! They surely felt the angels. Can you just imagine an army of angels totally taking over the skies? 

I got a bit excited just then thinking of how it felt each time I went to my sister's home and could feel the hush of angels...the shepherds felt the excitement and bustle of angels as they sang in celebratory voices of Jesus now in a new form; a baby.

We have so much to celebrate! We get caught up in singing a variety of Christmas songs. Do we really listen as we sing the words or are they so familiar that they just sort of roll off our tongue and stumble through our teeth? Have we heard the story of the birth of Jesus so often that it is simply something to be repeated like reciting a childhood story?

My hope is that you take the time to truly realize what "God with us" has done. I can't imagine leaving the splendors of heaven...taking on some perishable body to come here to be accepted by some and rejected by so ultimately give life as a sacrifice on the cross.

Think about it...Jesus, our Saviour, lived among the people. They saw a difference in Him...not just because He did miracles but there was a difference in His attitude, His reactions, His mixing with the down and out and with those who others wanted nothing to do with. Just think about Jesus. Flip through the gospels sometime (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Study His way with people! 

I want to encourage you to REALLY think about our love gift from God this season. Really focus on His life. Focus on: His Kingship, Servanthood, Him being Immanuel (God with us), His compassion, and His friendship you can experience. 

I get excited and the inside of my head dances because the more I learn about Jesus and obey Him; desiring to learn and grow in Him, the more my soul rejoices and sings. There is this deep indwelling of His Holy Spirit (that He left with us when He returned to heaven) that flows through me. Sometimes it's as if everything about me is dancing inside, other times it is more hushed and calm, but He is always there! 

Because Jesus came, I have a Joy and a Peace that cannot be explained. When He is part of your life, His Spirit is in you. I wish I could explain it better. 

My desire for you, my friend,is that you experience this Christmas season with renewed thinking! Realize the promise! Realize that because of Christmas and  the birth of Jesus we have Easter and His resurrection...our Eternal Hope!

We will all be able to sing with the army of angels in our new bodies one day! Thank you, Jesus, for coming to earth and taking on a body that would be crucified on a cross. Because of Jesus and His powerful name, sacrifice, and rising again, we have power through the Holy Spirit! Amen!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

~Three is Me~

Sipping tea as usual with you...I like to take my time with my tea...and I sip it at any temperature...there is so much on my heart and mind...we in the United States of America have just enjoyed ThanksGiving day...we have much to be thankful for...we are blessed...My heart, soul, and mind is in this...what I call a la-la state...simply mellow...sure my mind is ever going...always filled with a song and a variety of scenes as if plays or movies are always going through my mind....and my is mellow although it is going through a time of remembrance during this season...and my soul...oh my is also mellow...a sweet calm.

The reason for the calm? I have a short answer; prayer and the Holy Spirit. In all of my life, I have always talked with our Father Creator and Jesus. As a young girl I knew I could talk to Them/Him any time I wanted. I knew I could talk out loud or in my own mind. That was always such a comfort to me.

Later I learned of the Holy Spirit. I learned I could talk to Him also. We have talked about communicating with the Three. So, I won't back-track.

Spirit living is the focus here! Trust me it can be extremely exciting! Nothing heebie-jeebie. It is Jesus-y! In 1 Thessalonians 5:23 & 24 we read that we have a spirit, soul, and body. I know I always talk about my heart, mind, and soul but that is because my brain thinks in that way. I think of my heart as my emotional me, my mind as the thinking me, and my soul as more like my psyche. Those are my "human" definitions of the make up of self. The Bible tells us we are, spirit, soul and body. Our spirit is not the Holy Spirit. Those who follow Jesus can have the Holy Spirit inside but "He" is not "me". The spirit comes from the Greek word, pneuma, meaning breath or wind.The soul is the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans. The body is, well, our body. The physical you. So, 1 Thessalonians spells it out for us, we have spirit, soul, and body. These "three" are so very wonderful and unique as part of each person. We need to properly care for each of the three. We can read about caring for our body. We understand that pretty easily. Eat less; move more! (grins) Well, you can research things for caring for your body as today I want to talk about our spirit and soul care.

 In Jude verse 20 and 21, he tells us to build ourselves up in the most holy faith, praying in the Spirit, keep ourselves in the love of God, waiting expectantly for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life.

Let's break that down. Yes, I know it is already pretty brief...but let's break it down. 

#1 Build yourself up in the most holy faith. How do we do that? Well, Jude goes on to tell us in his following words....

#2 Pray in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your moving and guiding power.  He is the one who motivates you to pray. We pray according to His direction.

#3 Keep yourself in the love of God. This happens by continuing to pray. Pray on all occasions. Pray about anything on your heart. Give praise. Give thanks. Petition. Cry out to Father. Prayer is our oxygen with our heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Without prayer, our relationship would suffocate. Breathing is essential; Prayer is our breath of life!

#4 Wait expectantly for our Savior. 

The body is easy to sort and define. We can touch it, move it, see it. The spirit and the soul are unseen. All three are mentioned in the scriptures. All three are "me". All three need care. All three are unique. The body "houses" the spirit and soul. The soul is the "psyche". The spirit is designed to be in charge of your body and soul. The spirit is the inner person. The real you when you accepted Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit reveals truth to your spirit and guides you in the will of God. How wonderfully amazing when there is communication between your spirit and the Holy Spirit! The breath of life!

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 (ESV)

23 Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 24 He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

~I am a Stone~

Sitting here sipping my cold as it has been setting out...still tasty...I drink tea in any temperature...I am so excited about sharing with you today...You have been with me through much of my listening and obeying God times...

Always learning...always growing...always sharing...that is what we are to do as Jesus followers...I am just so inspired! I have my Inspirational times with the Three every morning. Sometimes they are only about 30 minutes long...other times they have been as much as two and a half all depends on what all the Three and I are sharing. I read, I journal, I listen, They take turns talking to me, I talk with Them...I cherish our Inspirational time.

I have also included praying to the Holy Spirit in our Inspirational time now. I pray to Him to give me the words that I need to say to whomever...I pray to Him to flow through me to help me show compassion...I pray to Him to comfort me...I pray to Him to guide me...I pray to Him...for a variety of things....

The other day He and I were communing and I was praying that I would have the words to say that He would want me to say to people in general, to my husband, to my son...I had to run some errands in town and was in a grocery store. I was selecting items from a freezer bed when across from me there was a lady who seemed to be in need. I asked her if she was looking for something in particular. She told me what she was looking for and asked if I knew it the store had it. We conversed briefly. She then turned the corner to be nearly cart to cart with me and somehow we struck up a conversation.

She and I talked as if we had known each other for years. We began sharing our variety of health stories. We shared stories about our doctors...our travels for health reasons...and at one point I looked at her and said..."Well, I have Jesus..." and I began to tell her how I dealt with  my health issues over the past years. As soon as I said, "Well, I have Jesus," her face lit up and her eyes sparkled. She had Jesus too! We both shared more excitedly. When we concluded our conversation we hugged and went about our business. I believe we talked by that freezer bed for nearly 30 minutes. The peculiar thing to me was those words that so easily flowed from my mouth, "Well, I have Jesus..." I knew those words popped right out with the help of the Holy Spirit. As they came out it was almost as if I wasn't speaking them. The power of words caused her to shine and sparkle. The power of the Holy Spirit gave me the courage to share Him and Jesus through my words.

Obeying, listening, trusting, is who we are (or who we should be) when we follow Jesus. He has been doing some pretty terrific things in my life. For instance, He has told me to go through the book of Ephesians in the Bible. I am not to merely read it and be done...I am to pick it apart...really focus on the verses...the key things...

I believe the things I am learning were easy for the  Ephesians to comprehend. For me, I am reading them with new eyes. I am reading them with eyes that dissect. I want to share with you some things that I have picked up in reading Ephesians so far.

First I want to say, I have fun keeping a journal. I think as I write. When I read some verses from Ephesians 2 today, I worked them out as if working out a math equation and I don't like math. I dissected the verses....and I don't care for science. Maybe what I did was parse them out as in the old fashioned way of handling some grammatical situations. At any rate...I "spelled them out" for me to grasp and I want to share it with you.

I was reading Ephesians 2 today so I will share with you my "take" on Ephesians 2.

In verse 5 it simply states that we are saved by grace. Verse 6 tells me that I am seated with Christ in the heavens...there is a place JUST for me! I am not saved because of anything I have DONE (works) but only because of God's grace (v. 9). In verse 10 I learned WHO I AM in Jesus...I am His workmanship whom He created to do good works FOR Him. I am not saved because of my good works; but because I am a Jesus follower I am to do good works FOR Him!

Reading further to verse 13 I learn that I have been brought near Jesus because of His blood. In verse 18, I  know that everyone has access to the Father in one Spirit. Oh! The Holy Spirit pops up here!

Okay now here is where I begin to dissect. The first bit of chapter 2 was pretty easy to grasp. The next verses...verses 20 to 22, I pick apart...

Jesus is the Cornerstone of the temple.
The apostles and prophets are main stones of the temple.
The saints (believers) are stones of the temple.
In Jesus, the whole building grows into the temple in the Lord.
God's dwelling of the Holy Spirit is why we are all being built together (put together).

God's Holy Spirit dwells in the temple made of prophets, apostles, and saints (believers) and Jesus is the Cornerstone...where we all begin!
The temple is to be cared for and maintained...added to with more believers (saints). The Church is the whole! The Holy Spirit is in and among the Church!

Do you understand what I am saying? Saints (believers), the prophets and apostles, and Jesus being the very base for us, the Cornerstone are ALL the Church! Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, so He is IN the Church.The Holy Spirit, as I have stated before, gives the saints (believers) more power than what raised Jesus from the dead!

My friend, WE, the Church, the body of believers (saints) have or can have that awesome Holy Spirit Power. My goodness, I asked Him to help me with words to much more can He do than simply give me words! 

The Church has Jesus as the Cornerstone! If we have a body of praying believers who truly rely on the Three and know and claim that Holy Spirit much can be done in the name of Jesus! We need to be that Jesus Church! We believers have that common ground just as I knew the lady in the grocery store knew Jesus because as soon as I said, "Well, I have Jesus..." she shined Jesus more. We, the Church, needs to obey, listen, trust, and share Jesus! My friend, we have the Holy Spirit to guide, counsel, give words, give us power...and so much it! 

We are each a stone of the Church of Jesus. Each believer is important and is equipped and being more equipped with the ways that God wants to use them in His church. Obey, Listen, and Share!